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Panels are available in galvanized steel, aluminum, or clear "Lexan". All may be mounted directly or with track.

Direct mount in concrete may be lead anchors with stainless steel screws that are left flush with the wall and tend to disappear when painted over. Installing panels involves backing the screws out about 1/4", dropping the keyholed panels over the screws, then tightening them back down. Directly mounted panels are a least intrusive look when the panels are not deployed.

Direct mount in concrete and wood may be with a "Panelmate" stud where the panel is secured with a winged-nut.

Mounting with track is sometimes necessary to get around obstructions, etc. Headers make it a little easier to deploy the shutters in that, sometimes, it eliminates the need for a ladder.

Galvanized panels
are the least expensive hurricane protection available. Most all new homes come with galvanized panels as the code requires that they come with hurricane protection. The negative is that they are heavy and cumbersome to deploy. However this can be alleviated a little with the use of headers and track.

Aluminum Panels are much lighter and therefor easier to handle.

Clear "Lexan Panels" have the benefit of allowing light and some visibility. They are the same profile as the metal panels so they can be intermixed in a single opening. You may add a panel (or more) to an opening and have the rest galvanized or aluminum to save money.

Panels Directly Mounted

Panels mounted with h-header and track

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