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One of the latest technologies in hurricane protection products is the FABRIC SCREEN. They are made from a very light weight geo-synthetic fabric making them easy to deploy. They block 97% of wind and rain but yet, they let light in and you can see out. During daylight, you can see out but you can't see in.

Fabric screens are best suited for closing in a lanai or an entrance way. They are not recommended to be installed close to glass (about 18") as they can flex and therefore won't meet the large missile impact code

They can be mounted using grommets or a combination of gromments and strap bukles But the best configuration is in a roll-up installation. Roll-ups can be manually hand cranked or, optionally, have an electric moter (with or without a remote).

Screen attached to F-track at top with winged-nuts and at bottom with strap and buckles. This configuration is light weight and easy to install but will take a little time. And, the fabric must be stored somewhere.

Roll-up fabric screen with motor and manual override options. This is more expensive but lets you deploy the screen at the push of a button. It's also handy for providing shade. No storage space is required.

For more information go to . Be sure to click on the Rolling Screen Video.

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